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Laura Cantrell | Not The Tremblin' Kind (Spit & Polish)
Laura Cantrell, a native of Nashville, but now resident in New York City, has fashioned one of the year's most irresistibly charming debuts. She is supported on the album by some superb musicians, who include former DB's drummer Will Rigby, Jay Sherman-Godfrey (World Famous Blue Jays) on guitar and organ and Jon Graboff, particularly impressive here, on mandolin and pedal steel. The set of songs featured covering roots-rock, bluegrass and dreamy ballads are a seamless balance of originals and some choice covers. Standouts among many include Cantrell's lilting Queen Of The Coast and the shuffling Churches Of the Interstate, alongside the great drinking song The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter, written by Amy (daughter of jazz legend Mose) Allison and the briskly paced bluegrass of The World Famous Blue Jays' Big Wheel. Cantrell's voice oozes quality and is as comforting as a breeze on a balmy afternoon.

Geraint Jones
CWAS #6 - Autumn 2000