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Stafrann Hakon | Skvettir Edik A Ref (Resonant)
A re-release of a record previously only available in small chunks back in his Icelandic homeland, 'Skvettir Edik A Ref' marks the first widely-released music from multi-instrumentalist Olafur Josephsson aka Stafrann Hakon. Instantly reminiscent of Tarentel and fellow countrymen Sigur Ros, Stafrann Hakon writes extremely slow moving, atmospheric instrumentals where tranquil guitars and a looming haze recall Mogwai's recent tremendous ?? but initially almost transparent ?? 'Happy Songs For Happy People' album. There are no vocals, no words at all, just occasional distant hints of voices, plus tiny hues of percussion and piano that swell most beautifully on the LP's mid-point EK. Something old, something borrowed, something distinctly blue. Something to make your wounded heart weep.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003