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CWAS #7 - Spring 2001
abbc | tÍte ŗ tÍte (Wabana)
The Aislers Set | The Last Match (Slumberland)
The Aluminium Group | Pelo (Hefty Records)
the and/ors | will self-destruct (Better Looking Records)
Arab Strap | Mad For Sadness (Jetset/Go! Beat)
Arlo | Up High In The Night (Sub Pop)
Augie March | Sunset Studies (BMG Aus)
Avey Tare and Panda Bear | Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished (Animal)
Bauer | Can't Stop Singing (Partners in Crime)
Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire | The Swimming Hour (Rykodisc)
Frank Black and the Catholics | Dog In The Sand (Cooking Vinyl)
Bonnie Prince Billy | Ease Down The Road (Domino)
Bride Of No No | b.o.n.n. appetite! (Atavistic)
The Buddy Revelles | American Matador (Motorcoat)
Cafeteria | Knee Deep (Backburner)
Cane141 | Garden Tiger Moth (Decor/Secret)
Michael Carpenter / Myracle Brah / The Shazam | Hopefulness / The Myracle Brah / Rev 9 (All Not Lame Recordings)
The Cash Brothers | Phonebooth Tornado (Four Chord)
Johnny Cash | American III - Solitary Man (American Recordings)
Centro-Matic | All The Falsest Hearts Can Try (Munich)
Chuzzlewit | Secret Affinities (
Clem Snide | Your Favorite Music (Cooking Vinyl)
The Comas | A Def Needle In Tomorrow (Yep Roc Records)
The Corn Sisters | The Other Women (Mint Records)
Denvar | Denvar (MGM)
The Divine Comedy | Regeneration (Parlophone)
Johnny Dowd | Temporary Shelter (Munich / Glitterhouse)
Eels | Oh What A Beautiful Morning (E-Works)
Hanin Elias | In Flames (DHR)
Geoff Farina | Reverse Eclipse (Southern Records)
The Flashing Lights / The John Doe Thing / The Minders | Where The Change Is / Freedom Is... / Down In Fall (All Spinart Records)
Flophouse Jr. | Woodland (Independent)
Lou Ford | Alan Freed's Radio (Glitterhouse)
Four Storeys | Betting On Now (Truck Records)
Frisbie | The Subversive Sounds Of Love (Hear Diagonally Records)
Future Pilot AKA | Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea (Geographic)
Howe Gelb | Down Home 2000 (Ow Om)
Gersey | Hope Springs (Trifekta)
Giant Sand | Selections Circa 1990-2000 (Loose)
The Good Life | Novena On A Nocturn (Better Looking)
Graham | Never, And Maybe Not Even Then (Dreamy)
The Dave Graney Show | Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Cooking Vinyl)
Darren Hanlon | Early Days (Candle)
Doug Hoekstra | Around The Margins (Inbetweens/Postbus)
The Jigsaw Seen | Zenith (Vibro-phonic)
Karate | Unsolved (Southern)
Kings of Convenience | Quiet is the New Loud (Source)
Caleb Klauder | Sings Out (Padr√©)
Kleper | Fuck Fight Fail (Resonant)
Konkrete Kantikle | Konkrete Kantikle (Ventricle)
Mark Kozelek | What's Next To The Moon (Badman)
Pete Krebs / Danny Barnes | Duet For Clarinet And Goat (Cavity Search)
Life Without Buildings | Any Other City (Tugboat)
Lonesome Brothers | Swamptown Girl (Captivating Music)
Low | Things We Lost in The Fire (Tugboat)
Lowgold | Just Backward Of Square (Nude)
Bryan Maclean / Chad and Jeremy | Candys Waltz / Distant Shores (both Sundazed)
Magic Car | Yellow Main Sequence (Tiny Dog)
Stephen Malkmus | Stephen Malkmus (Domino)
Ray Mason Band | When the Clown's Work is Over (Captivating Music)
The Microphones | It Was Hot, We Stayed In The Water (K)
The Moore Brothers | Colossal Small (Multiball/Amazing Grease)
The Mother Hips | Green Hills of Earth (Future Farmer)
The Mountain Goats | The Coroner's Gambit (Absolutely Kosher Records)
Nina Nastasia | Dogs (Socialist)
The New Pornographers | Mass Romantic (Mint Records)
Noah John | Had A Burning (Loose)
Norfolk & Western | Centralia (FILMguerrero)
The Orange Humble Band | Humblin' (Across America / Half A Cow)
Oranger | The Quiet Vibration Land (Poptones)
The Orgone Box | The Orgone Box (Minus Zero)
Orso | Long Time By (Perishable)
Pele / Paris, Texas | The Nudes / Brazilliant! (Polyvinyl)
Joel RL Phelps ~ The Downer Trio | Inland Empires (12XU)
The Pilot Ships | The Limits Of Painting And Poetry (Blue Sanct)
Archer Prewitt | Gerroa Songs (Carrot Top)
The Rocking Horse Winner | State of Feeling Concentration (Ohev)
Santa Sprees | Keep Still (Dreamy)
The Soft Boys | Underwater Moonlight / ...And How It Got There (Matador)
Songs of Soil | The Painted Trees Of Ghostwood (Startracks)
Songs: Ohia | Ghost Tropic (Secretly Canadian)
Sparkwood | The La La Crutch (1101 Music)
Spoon | Girls Can Tell (Merge/12XU)
That Petrol Emotion | Live
Tiltmaster | Swan Girth (Blue Sanct)
Tortoise | Standards (Warp)
Tram | Frequently Asked Questions (Setanta)
Caroline Trettine | Ten Light Years (Evensong)
Twin Princess | The Complete Recordings (Hidden Agenda)
Various Artists | Badlands: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska (Sub Pop)
Various Artists | Shanti Project Collection 2 (Badman)
Various Artists | Sing a Song For You - Tribute to Tim Buckley (Manifesto)
Various Artists | The Soul Moves At Walking Pace (Evensong)
Various Artists | We Thank You (Kindercore)
Venus Ray | Chuck Berry vs IBM (Negative)
John Von Ryan | Organs Vs. Furniture (Load)
M Ward | Duet for Guitar #2 (Ow Om/62TV/Les Disqus Manges Tout)
Steve Ward | Opening Night (Lucky)
Waterworks | Dragonfly (no label)
The Waves | Flame A Little Brighter (March / Grimsey)
Greg Weeks | Bleecker Station
Jim White | No Such Place (Luaka Bop)
Yume Bitsu | Auspicious Winds (K)