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Internal/External | Insideout
This thirty minutes of technotronic experimentation begins with the title track, which the press release believes to be the highlight here, promising a "nice electro-psychedelic Sunday drive through space." It is a somewhat uninspiring energetic piano/synth romp, happy to repeat the same inconsequential phrases ad nauseum ??well for 10 minutes anyway. Surely on such an excursion we could expect some magic, some surprise? Nope. You will have more fun on a dull rainy afternoon skateboarding down to your local shopping mall. A couple of tracks with easy, chillin' grooves, Anchordown and Sweetness are vaguely hummable and the latter does feature interesting blasts of organ /synth and cymbal in its arrangement. These two songs reappear as instrumentals but there is too little to build upon, too little to improvise upon in any inspired way. A sort of rock track, Various Transmission, seems to share its own self-satisfied attitude with us and I was happy to play it again, to enjoy its sustained high. The voice of Rebecca Pearcy is a cut above that of the usual indie rock/ techno dance divas and wizz kid techno muso Paul Schuster seems as adept at every rock instrument and toy as he is at engineering records. Maybe a third member, a composer say, could improve matters.

Stephen Ridley
CWAS #8 - Summer 2001