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Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Fever To Tell (Polydor/Dress Up)
YYYs drummer Brian Chase told me recently that he genuinely couldn't understand the hype surrounding what he felt to be his second band, preferring to think of The Seconds as his priority act and YYYs as a way of paying the bills. I couldn't understand the fuss either; the way I saw it, all they'd done was release a couple of half-decent singles (counting their debut EP as a single) and play a few sweaty shows. Big deal, bands do that kind of thing all the time. But here, finally, is the proof that the most hyped band of this year and last are actually worth some of the preemptive acclaim. 'Fever To Tell' isn't perfect, far from in fact, but to be honest I don't think the band would want it any other way. Tracks like Man and Black Tongue are throwaway fun at best, poor songs at worst (reality). However, saving graces are here ?? the stuttering Pin, album opener Rich and the crunching No No No to name but three. They ensure that whilst 'Fever To Tell' isn't the adrenalin-fuelled near-faultless record some were hoping for, and maybe even expecting, it's a decent enough way to spend 40-odd minutes, and there's enough quality to ensure a degree of longevity ?? something that few of the band's peers can claim.

Mike Diver
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003