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Sk/Um | I Pagu Fallsins (Resonant)
Behind nine impenetrable track titles and a sleeve that betrays little useful information, lies the debut release from a Reykjavik-based duo named Johann Omarsson and Thorstein Olafsson aka Sk/Um. An unfortunate moniker to operate under, since the music they produce together is pure, joyful, uncomplicated electro-pop made with a hedonistic heart and a heavy head.
Sk/Um are reminiscent of St Petersburg's moody laptop masters EU, reflective yet distinctive enough to rise above the increasingly overcrowded mellow electronica playing field. Largely instrumental ?? barring the indecipherable morse-code whispers on 'Bonetrix' ?? Sk/Um are like a youth-club Brian Eno buzzing on too much caffeine. It's an addictive enough brew to have you crawling back for more.

Ian Fletcher
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003