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Various Artists | Dreams Are Free (With Purchase) (Dark Beloved Cloud)
This compilation starts off with Attitude & Couture (imagine Stravinsky with daughters...) and follows a route from roots & folk into the mesmerising world of the Spaceheads. This fabulous offering from Dark Beloved Cloud is no Alt-country bandwagon. Which is a good thing. With the likes of Jad Fair & Jason Willett, the weird & wonderful pHOAMING EDISON, Sarge's catchy punk pop number The Girl's Bad News ... (Just think, if this were on vinyl, I'd only be on side A) I am assured that there's an escape from bland after all. But on this CD, our journey doesn't get a break and what could be classed as side B carries on with such delightful songs as Winter by Uncle Wiggly, and What Can I Do? by the Autumn Teen Sound. Oh, and I guess mentioning that Purple Ivy Shadows have made a contribution along with thee 'coolest person alive' Graham Smith of Kleenex Girl Wonder will raise a few eyebrows. So, as you can see, it's a star-studded affair that should be going 'round more often than gracing your fabulous CD wall rack. Listen often.

Tracy Lee Jackson
CWAS #4 - Winter 1998/9 - The Lost Issue