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At Swim Two Birds | Quigley's Point (Vespertine & Son)
Behind this peculiar band name hides Roger Quigley, one half of The Montgolfier Brothers who released their (final?) record on Alan McGee's Poptones last year. While his Montgolfier partner Mark Tranmer continues to
dabble with his rather splendid electronica project, Gnac, Quigley has reverted to the grand nostalgic balladering of his 'A Kind of Loving' EP released way back in 1997. Apart from some beautiful backing vocal contributions from one Suzanne Preston on Things We'll Never Do and Women of a Certain Mental Age, Quigley goes it alone weaving the songs with excellent subdued electric and acoustic guitars and some sparse strings and electronics where needed. The lyrics are both humorous and sad, the music is oh so slow but romantic and enchanting at the same time, making it a perfect companion for those cold sleepless nights here up north. Quiet? Yes, but it demands your attention far too much to be considered background music

Torbjorn Wickman
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003