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Parallax Project | Oblivious (Tallboy)
Oblivious was originally conceived as a solo project by Michael Giblin, the bass guitarist with Cherry Twister, before being fleshed-out to become a band concept, due to Giblin's (misplaced) lack of confidence in his ability to achieve the desired results on his own. Essentially though, this is still very much Giblin's album. He plays a multitude of instruments, handles all the lead and most of the backing vocals and wrote all, bar two, of the album's thirteen tracks himself - he only co-wrote the balance! There may be few big names here, but Giblin has still managed to assemble a strong ensemble that embellishes his arrangements in accomplished fashion. Probably the best known 'star' turn is provided by Pete Kennedy (The Kennedys) who plays some iridescent twelve-string on the very Rooks-like Sometimes and City Rain. Predominantly mid-paced, the band only really let rip once on the stridently power-pop Definitely Maybe. Although I'd have preferred a few more up-tempo tracks on the album, Oblivious is nevertheless a deceptively accomplished collection that despite being, perhaps, a little unassuming initially, eventually reveals itself as a real keeper, well worth spending the time getting to know.

Geraint Jones
CWAS #11 - Autumn 2002