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Centro-Matic | All The Falsest Hearts Can Try (Munich)
This is the rather curiously named Centro-Matic's first UK release as well as the first effort by the now fully fledged band line-up, the U.S. debut Redo The Stacks having been the sole vision of singer guitarist Matt Pence. Based in Denton, Texas, All The Falsest Hearts Can Try finds Centro-Matic straddling several styles, sometimes simultaneously. Whether this is the result of a band uncertain of their direction or one with a blatant disregard for conformity it's hard to say. Quite clearly influenced by Guided By Voices, the likes of Magic Cyclops and Hercules Now could easily have been liberated from another of Robert Pollard's fabled suitcases. Consisting of fuzzed-up rockers and plaintive acoustic strums, the lo-fi production values can be a little jarring at times but the closing pairing - a rousing Huge In Every City and the feedback drenched and gently melodic Aerial Spins / Nautical Wilderness - suggest that the band have more interesting things to say in the future.

Geraint Jones
CWAS #7 - Spring 2001