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Adam Green | Friends Of Mine (Rough Trade)
For his second album outside The Moldy Peaches (although his self-titled debut was recorded before that MP debut), New York's Adam Green has seen fit to up the production values for 'Friends of Mine' and add sprightly strings to his simple acoustic guitar and voice creations. The twenty-one year old balances a seasoned voice with lyrics that generally seesaw between juvenile and obtuse non-sequiturs, sung over simplistic crisply strummed chord progressions. It's a pretty rudimentary formula and one that's best left unmagnified, but perfectly listenable superficially at least. It's fair to say that Green's lyrical bent is an acquired taste, (best acquired hanging around school playgrounds I'd suggest, where the giggles of the pre-pubescent can punctuate), but there's also evidence of a latent maturity beginning to surface. Freed from puerile couplets (snigger) and cultural references, he'll probably deliver a great record before he hits thirty.

Matt Dornan
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003