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310 | Recessional (Leaf)
On this, their third album proper, 310's hypnotic prog-electronica unfolds as one body of work in chapters as opposed to a collection of individual tracks. In simpler terms; in isolation, few of the songs or instrumental pieces herein really stand up or out, but when listened to as part of the bigger picture it becomes apparent that the US trio's output is far more cohesive. Unlikely to expand beyond their relatively concise following, there's nothing startlingly new here, but at the same time it's unmistakably 310. The label consider this their most accessible work to date, and while that may be true it's not markedly commercial to the point that it's likely to gain them a new audience. Closest musical peers would be the likes of Tarwater, with the fine and considered balance of monotone male vocal tracks and sprawling downtempo instrumentals. In short, unlikely to feature in many end of year listings but by no means a let down.

Andy Slocombe
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003