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Dance Disaster Movement | We Are From Nowhere (Dim Mak)
You know Liars, right? Pretty good, yeah? If you're a teeny bit more, um, switched on (?) then you'll know all about the likes of Radio 4, The Rapture and The Faint too. All do the punk-goes-to-the-disco thing particularly well, and now Dance Disaster Movement is another name to add to the list. 'We Are From Nowhere' is an excellent slice of funk-punk that'll have the dance-floor divas and chin-stroking know-it-alls chuffed to nuts in equal measures. Sure, it's nothing out of the ordinary, but it contains ace tracks like Saturday and Got The Piece Of Mind (Shoot Me In The Fucking Head) that'll have you shaking your funky thing, be you in club, conservatory or cupboard. Eventually this disco-punk (or whatever ?? fucking with genres is the whole point of this, right?) bubble will burst, and all the above bands will be left high and dry in the shit-hole clubs that originally spawned them, if they'll even have them back, but for the moment Dance Disaster Movement and all their kin can do no wrong. I Want Your Sass may be the opening track here, but they've already got plenty enough of their own without our or anyone else's help.

Mike Diver
CWAS #13 - Autumn 2003