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Antonia | Soundtrack To You (Startone)
If you could never work out why Morrissey sang about the misery of the Sabbath then maybe this is the record for you. Obviously things are better at weekends in New Mexico, Antonia's home state, as Feels Like Sunday has her declaring that "I don't wanna go, I just wanna stay," clearly in love with the day and not wanting it to end. It's not the sort of sound you'd expect from someone from way out west either, rockier with a strong pop streak and a fine line in great choruses. Milky Way shimmers into a joyous refrain of "it's the weight of the world coming down on me" that'll ensure you forgive the Nick Kershaw style ending - you'll have to listen to appreciate it. There might only be seven tracks as well, but she covers a lot of ground, from the power-pop Boy On The Radio to the mellow sorrow of Estranged and the bitter, brooding, Beatles-esque End To Begin. And if the rapturous ode of the title track, with its exultation that "music plays around you as a breeze blows through your hair and people think that you're an angel" sounds too serious then My Friends Are Hotties should dispel that thought. Complete with blazing horns that track closes this (mini) album on a happy note, putting a jaunty step in your stride. So, even if you are bald, love Tuesdays and all your mates are dogs you should still find this fits you just right.

Laurence Arnold
CWAS #9 - Winter 2002