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CWAS #8 - Summer 2001
Ai Phoenix | The Driver Is Dead (Racing Junior)
The Album Leaf | One Day I'll Be On Time (Tiger Style)
Appendix Out | The Night is Advancing (Drag City)
Ashley Park | The American Scene (Kindercore)
The Be Good Tanyas | Blue Horse (Independent)
The Beach Boys | Hawthorne, CA (Capitol)
The Beauty Shop | Your Money Or Your Life (Parasol)
The Bluehearts / Clearlake | No More Long Goodbyes / Lido (Big Cactus / Dust Company / Domino)
Françoiz Breut | Vingt à trente mille jours (Bella Union)
Bright Eyes | Letting Off The Happiness (Wichita)
Shelby Bryant | Cloud-Wow Music (Smells Like Records)
Buellton | Avenue of the Flags (FILMguerrero)
Paul Burch & The WPA Ballclub | Blue Notes (Shoeshine Records)
Burning Brides | Fall Of The Plastic Empire (File 13)
The Byrds / Curt Boettcher / Gary Usher | Preflyte / California: Passionfruit / Add Some Music To Your Day (Poptones)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | No More Shall We Part (Mute)
Vic Chesnutt | Left to His Own Devices (SpinART)
Clouddead | Clouddead (Big Dada)
Cole Marquis | Treasure Island Serenade (Devil In The Woods/ Amazing Grease)
Shawn Colvin | Whole New You (Columbia)
Cowboy Junkies | Open (Cooking Vinyl/Latent)
Danielson Famile | Fetch The Compass Kids (Secretly Canadian)
Destroyer | Streethawk: A Seduction (Misra)
Mark Eitzel | The Invisible Man (Matador)
El Guapo / Edie Sedgewick | The Geography of Dissolution / First Reflections (Mud Memory / Mud Memory/Dischord)
Electralane | Rock it to the Moon (Let's Rock!)
Jason Falkner | Necessity: The 4-Track Years (SpinART)
Fuck | Insound Tour Support EP (Insound)
Robbie Fulks | 13 Hillbilly Giants (Boondoggle)
Mary Gauthier | Drag Queens In Limousines (Munich Records)
Neil Michael Hagerty | s/t (Drag City)
Matt Hill | My Dark Places EP (Independent)
Hope Well | The Curved Glass (Cutty Shark)
Howe | Confluence (Loose/Ow Om)
Internal/External | Insideout
Jackpot | Weightless (Munich Records)
Jenifer Jackson | Birds (Parasol)
January | I Heard Myself In You (Poptones)
Joan of Arc | How Can Anything So Little Be Any More? (Jade Tree)
Johan | Pergola (Excelsior)
Even Johansen | Quiet and Still
Matt Keating | Tiltawhirl (Poptones)
David Kitt | The Big Romance (Blanco y Negro)
Mark Lanegan | Field Songs (Sub Pop/Beggars Banquet)
Lenola | Treat Me To Some Life (File 13)
Mike Levy | Fireflies (Parasol/Bus Stop)
Lift To Experience | The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads (Bella Union)
Little Champions | Transactions + Replications (Barsuk)
The Lucksmiths | Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (Candle)
Lupine Howl | The Carnivorous Nocturnal Adventures Of... (Beggars Banquet)
Major Organ | Major Organ and the Adding Machine (Orange Twin Records)
The Mercury Program | All The Suits Began To Fall Off (Tiger Style)
The Minders | Golden Street (spinART)
Minibar | Road Movies (Cherry Entertainment / Universal)
The Moldy Peaches | s/t (Rough Trade)
Murry The Hump | Songs Of Ignorance (Too Pure)
My Morning Jacket | At Dawn (Darla)
The Naysayer | Deathwhisker (Carrot Top Records)
Neu! | NEU! / NEU! 2 / NEU! 75
The New Year | Newness Ends (Touch & Go)
Oh Susanna | Sleepy Little Sailor (Hot)
Old 97s | Satellite Rides (Elektra)
Old Time Relijun | Witchcraft Rebellion (K)
Pernice Brothers | The World Won't End (Southpaw/Ashmont)
Joel RL Phelps & The Downer Trio | Blackbird (12XU)
John Phillips | Pay, Pack and Follow (Eagle)
Jodi Phillis | In Dreams I Live (Candle)
Professor and MaryAnn | s/t (Bar/None)
Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express | Turn the Pigeons Loose (live in San Francisco 2000) (Cooking Vinyl)
Re: | mnant (Constellation)
Red House Painters | Old Ramon (Sub Pop)
Alasdair Roberts | The Crook of My Arm (Secretly Canadian)
The Sadies | Tremendous Efforts (Bloodshot Records)
Signalmen | Falsetto Teeth (Parasol)
Sparklehorse | It's A Wonderful Life (Capitol)
Splitsville | The Complete Pet Soul (Airmail Recordings)
Stew | s/t (The Telegraph Company)
Summer Hymns / Bablicon | A Celebratory Arm Gesture / The Cat That Was A Dog (Misra)
Swag | Catch-All (Yep Roc Records)
Swell | Everybody Wants To Know (Beggars Banquet)
Tandy | The Bloodroot Transcriptions (Yellow Slipper)
Tindersticks | Can Our Love... (Beggars Banquet)
Tractor Kings | Sunday Night (Mud / Parasol)
The Tyde | Once (Orange Sky/Track and Field)
Various Artists | Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel (Off)
Various Artists | Shoe Fetish: A Tribute To Shoes (Parasol)
M Ward | End Of Amnesia (Loose)
The Young Fresh Fellows / The Minus 5 | Because We Hate You / Let The War Against Music Begin (Mammoth)
Zero Zero | AM Gold (Jade Tree)