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David Kitt | Small Moments (Rough Trade)
Written, performed and recorded by David Kitt between the winters of 99 and 00, Small Moments is an album awash with fragile, tender moments despite the intricate, programmed percussion that forms its backdrop. In fact on opener There Are Words Kitt's delicate, warm voice struggles to be heard amid the electronic clutter. As the album progresses through its seven lengthy tracks Kitt's voice becomes simultaneously more involving and prominent as the instrumentation slowly subsides, on the sixth - a 'medley' of Kitt's own Days For Two and Barry Gibb's In The Morning - his acoustic guitar and David Grubbs-lite vocal unadorned to telling effect. Closer Headphones sees a return to the layered experimentation, a wall of feedback failing to ditsract from the hypnotic repetition of Kitt's vocal and insistent backbeat. Somehow reminiscent of the best of both Beth Orton and Folk Implosion, I predict big things for Small Moments.

Matt Dornan
CWAS #6 - Autumn 2000