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Unwed Sailor | The Marionette and the Music Box (Burnt Toast Vinyl)
As it's title might suggest, the latest offering from instrumentalists Unwed Sailor is a mildly whimsical blend of post-rock and Pinnochio. Seventeen pieces of varying length seamlessly strive to drive an invisible narrative in which our title heroes "meet, become friends, separate and reconcile." The press release tells us this, although a quick scan of the track titles would have provided the same guiding hand (and perhaps raised a smile with its additional character introduced in Behold! The Unicorn).
Primarily the work of guitarist Nic Tse and bassist Johnathon Ford, Unwed Sailor's sparse, single note canvas is decorated with glockenspiel, harmonium and other subtle colours, resulting in a sound that will appeal to fans of Brokeback and Bedhead as well as those with an affection for light classical, French soundtracks and puppetry.

Matt Dornan
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003