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CWAS #6 - Autumn 2000
CWAS #6 - Autumn 2000Interviews
Mark Eitzel, Josh Rouse, Bright Eyes, The Wisdom of Harry, Magnetic Fields, Matt Pond PA, Richard Buckner, Sloan, The Webb Brothers, The Czars, Grand Drive, Bettie Serveert, Arco, Grandaddy, Willard Grant Conspiracy

Ryan Adams, Ai Phoenix, L'Altra, Arco, The Beach Boys, The Birdwatchers, Black Heart Procession, David Bowie, Buffalo Tom, Calliope, Laura Cantrell, Caitlin Cary, Chicago Underground Duo, Damon and Naomi, Daryll-Ann, The Dearhunters, Drag The River, Eleventh Dream Day, Tim Finn, Flare, Fontanelle, The Go-Betweens, Golden, Golden Rough, Grand Drive, Great Lakes, David Grubbs, The Guthries, John Wesley Harding, Kelly Hogan & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts, Roland S. Howard, The Jazz Cannon, Damien Jurado, David Kitt, Knife in the Water, Ed Kuepper, Raoul Graf, Kirk Lake, Shannon Lyon, Machine Translations, Marah, Marshmallow Coast, Christy McWilson, Oh Susanna, Optiganally Yours, Patrick Phelan, The Posies, The Radio Sweethearts, Radiogram, The Russian Futurists, Shell, Shivaree, The 6ths, Sweeder, Teenage Fanclub, Trans Am, The Vanity Set, Chris von Sneidern, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Hawskley Workman, Steve Young

CD - Vol.2 - Boxes in the Hall
1. Textile Ranch | The Dream of the Murderer's Ship Pulling Out
2. Matt Pond PA | Night's End
3. (The Real) Tuesday Weld | Asteroids (Between the Stars Mix)
4. Rivulets | Anyway...
5. Grand Drive | One Last Smile
6. Dakota Suite | My Broken Face
7. The General Store | Stay
8. Bettie Serveert | Cut N' Dried
9. The Wisdom of Harry | Almond Orange
10. Graham | The Best Spectacular (Special CWAS Version)
11. Mike Daly | She's Waiting for Me
12. Josh Rouse | Camping in Copenhagen
13. Squatter & the Ant | Last Light (For C.D.)
14. The Czars | Black & Blue
15. Bright Eyes | Jetsabel Removes the Undesirables
16. Keiron Phelan & David Sheppard | Azizintla Fireflies
17. Willard Grant Conspiracy | Love Doesn't
18. Greg Weeks | Your Name Is Written Last