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CWAS #10 - Spring 2002
CWAS #10 - Spring 2002Interviews
Silver Jews, Julie Doiron, Bill Janovitz, Art of Fighting, Howe Gelb, James Wiliam Hindle, The American Analog Set, Kevin Tihista, Josh Rouse, Varnaline, Francis 'Nice Man' MacDonald, Matt Pond PA, Sloan, Piano Magic, Greg Weeks, Pinback, Lambchop, Darren Hanlon, Matt Keating, Françoiz Breut

Airport 5, Go Back Snowball, Amor Belhom Duo, Appendix Out, The Arlenes, Patrick Bell, Brando, Bridget Storm, The Bucknails, Annelies Monsere, Califone, Cailin Cary, Cavil, Central Falls, Charles Atlas, Chiyoko, Circle, Circulatory System, Clinic, Phil Cody, Cornershop, Wendie Colter, Cornelius, Cracker, Greg Davis, Departure Lounge, Julie Doiron, Tanya Donelly, Dressy Bessy, Mark Eitzel, Emmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies, The Folk Orchestra, Füxa, Flophouse Jr, Fog, Gallon Drunk, The General Store, Giant Sand, Golden Rough, Neil Halstead, Hamell on Trial, Darren Hanlon, Tom Hanson, Harpers Bizarre, The Sid Hillman Quartet, Honey For Petzi, Ill Ease, The Impossible Shapes, Chris Barth, Inner, Isolation Years, Damien Jurado and Gathered In Song, Makoto Kawabata, Kepler, Ben Kweller, Lambchop, The Land of Nod, 90 Degrees South, L'Altra, Don Lennon, Len's Lounge, The Long Winters, Mary Lorson & Saint Low, The Lucksmiths, The Margarets, Matt Pond PA, Mclusky, Monopot, Montage, Mus, Nacho Vegas / Aroah, Nina Nastasia, Nad Navillus, The New Pornographers, Scout Niblett, Norfolk & Western, The Notwist, The Orange Humble Band, Pat Orchard, Paul O'Reilly, The Orgone Box, Penguin Café Orchestra, The Perishers, Pluxus, Radiogram, Ribbon Effects, Tiny Hairs, Eilen Rose, Rothko, Sanford Arms, Six By Seven, Songs: Ohia, Danny Sorentino, The Stratford 4, The Strugglers, Sushirobo, Swan Dive, Sweet Apple Pie, Phil Tagliere, Teenage Fanclub and Jad Fair, They Might Be Giants, Things in Herds, Timesbold, Toboggan, Tram, Transmissionary Six, Reuber, Station 17+, Bill Wells Trio, The Waking Eyes, Jeff Williams and the Clear Spacemen, Richard Youngs

CD - Vol.6 - Des Vagues De Pierre
1. Arab Strap | G.S.O.H. (unreleased)
2. Greg Weeks | Believe (unreleased)
3. Françoiz Breut | Le Nord (Xfm session)
4. Howe Gelb | What On Earth Will You Do (unreleased)
5. Lambchop | The New Cobweb Summer (VPRO session)
6. Art of Fighting | Give Me Tonight (demo)
7. James William Hindle | Always Reminders (unreleased)
8. Julie Doiron and Herman Dune | Dirty Feet (unreleased)
9. Arbol | San Francisco (unreleased)
10. Josh Rouse | Nothing Gives Me Pleasure (demo)
11. Kevin Tihista | Sucker (alt.version)
12. Matt Pond PA | Closer (unreleased)
13. American Analog Set | The Only Living Boy Around (alt.version)
14. Matt Keating | To Love The Freak (unreleased)
15. Darren Hanlon | Hiccups (live)
16. Bill Janovitz | Atlantic (live)
17. Varnaline | Mare Imbrium (demo)
18. Sloan | Are You Giving Me Back My Love? (remix)
19. Richard Bell | Winterbirds (unreleased)