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CWAS #12 - Summer 2003
CWAS #12 - Summer 2003Interviews
Black Heart Procession, Brando, Bright Eyes, Calexico, Cat Power, Mark Eitzel, Fruit Bats, The Go-Betweens, Hayden, Damien Jurado, Pete Krebs, The Mendoza Line, Nina Nastasia, Scout Niblett, Of Montreal, Tim Oxley, Jodi Phillis,(the Real) Tuesday Weld, Rivulets, The Sadies, The Sea and Cake/Archer Prewitt, (Smog), Spoon and Rosie Thomas

Air Formation, The Aluminium Group, The American Analog Set, The Apes, Ashley Park, At Swim Two Birds, Bardo Pond, Beachbuggy, Janet Bean And The Concertina Wire, Haley Bonar, Jennie Stearns, The Bellyachers, The Bloodthirsty Lovers, Tim Bluhm, Aaron Booth, Kip Boardman, Glenn Branca, Paul Brill, Troy Campbell, Campfire Songs, Circle, Clem Snide, Corker/Conboy, Cracker, Diana Darby, Dub Tractor, Dufus, Matt Elliott, Esmerine, The Essex Green, The Exit, Jay Farrar, Fog, Foghorn Stringband, FortDax, Four Tet, French Kicks, Grafton, Granfaloon Bus, Adam Green, The Hazlewoods, Headphone, Bill Hicks, The Hidden Cameras, James William Hindle, The Hired Guns, Robyn Hitchcock, Holopaw, Neilson Hubbard, Husband, The Impossible Shapes, The Jayhawks, The Jigsaw Seen, Logh, The Lonesome Organist, Love, Lowlights, The Lucksmiths, Jeffrey Lewis, Maquiladora, Maria McKee, Minor Majority, The Minus 5, Mold, Mono, The Mooney Suzuki, Mos Eisley, Muzzlewhite, The New Pornographers, Nothern State, Of Arrowe Hill, Opiate, Patrick Park, Jeff Parker, The Pictish Trail, Pink and Brown, Plastic Nebraska, Plush, The Postal Service, Adam Power, Ral Rartha Vogelbacher, Rameses III, Rapider Than Horsepower, Missy Roback, Alasdair Roberts, Rogue Wave, Royal City, Saloon, Saloon, The Sea and Cake, Set Fire To Flames, Simply Saucer, Sk/Um, Aidan Smith, Erica Smith, Songdog, Tobin Sprout, St. Thomas, The Strugglers, Styrofoam, Swell, The Tables, The Telepathic Butterflies, Ten Grand, Tracker, Owen Tromans, The Trouble with Sweeney, The Twin Atlas, The Unmist, Unwed Sailor, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Hank Williams, Bill Monroe, Lucinda Williams, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

CD - Vol. 8 - Like Others Need Oxygen
1. (The Real) Tuesday Weld | Declan's Bad Days
2. Calexico | Across The Wire (acoustic)
3. Archer Prewitt | Living Song
4. The Mendoza Line | Holding A Drink
5. Tim Oxley | Drift Away
6. Nervous Plants | Mandi
7. Spoon | In The Right Place The Right Time (demo)
8. The Go-Betweens | Mrs Morgan (demo)
9. Damien Jurado | Mr Brown
10. Scout Niblett | Cherry Cheek Bomb
11. Rivulets | Sunsets Can Be Beautiful (alt.)
12. The Strugglers | The New Room (acoustic)
13. Pete Krebs | Lonely Street (live)
14. Hayden | Dynamite Walls (live)
15. Of Montreal | City Bird
16. Cat Power | The Party
17. Brando | Lumberpeg
18. Mark Eitzel | Bought A Book
19. Robyn G Shiels | Never Say Never
20. (The Real) Tuesday Weld | Declan's Little White Birds