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CWAS #15 - Summer 2004
CWAS #15 - Summer 2004Interviews
A.C. Newman, Bauer, Andrew Bird, Blonde Redhead, Vic Chesnutt, Daryll-Ann, Johnny Dowd, 50 Foot Wave, The Innocence Mission, Iron & Wine, The Last Town Chorus, Mission of Burma, Mono, The Mountain Goats, Papa M, Sufjan Stevens, Sonic Youth, Laura Veirs

A Girl Called Eddy, Animation, Applecraft, Argentine, Auburn Lull, Audio Out Send, Aveo, Danny Barnes, Bikini Atoll, Back Cat Music, The Break-Up, Br. Danielson, The Bruces, Call and Response, Charlemagne, Charles Atlas, Vic Chesnutt, Clinic, Cranes, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Creekdippers, Currituck Co., Deadstring Brothers, D_RRADIO, Dolorean, Don's Mobile Barbers, The Dream Syndicate, Dressy Bessy, Ella Guru, Fancey, Jay Farrar, Fastball, Mike Fellows, Jerry Garcia, Rachel Goswell, Grand Drive, Gravenhurst, The Green Pajamas, David Grubbs, The Happiness Factor, Sarah Harmer, Sean Hayes, Lee Hazelwood, The Hidden Cameras, Micah P Hinson, Honeychurch, Jamie Hoover / Bill Lloyd, Kevin House, Kenneth Ishak, Reid Jamieson, Jenifever, Jeff Kelly, Kings of Convenience, Kinski, The Like Young, Longstone, Low, Jesse Malin, Matt Pond PA, Syd Matters, Lori McKenna, Kate Maki, Devid Mead, Mic Menck, Gabriel Minnikin, Monkey Island, Morning Spy, Small Town Boredom, Jesse Thomas, Mylab, The National, The New Year, Joanna Newsom, Northern Alliance, Oranger, Owen, Pan American, Danny Pearson, Phosphorescent, Pidgeon, Pixies, Robert Pollard, Circus Devils, Powderblue, Daniel Patrick Quinn, Rainer Maria, (The Real) Tuesday Weld, Reigns, Rollerball, Royal City, The Scene is Now, Soap Star Joe, Sonic Youth, Sufjan Stevens, This Moment in Black History, TV on the Radio, Barb Waters, Ben Weaver, Bill Wells, Brian Wilson, Denison Witmer

CD - Vol. 11 - Hope Isn't A Word
1. The Scene Is Now | Words  
2. Bauer | Sunburned Teeth  
3. The Last Town Chorus | Wire Waltz  
4. The Mountain Goats | Beat The Devil  
5. 50 Foot Wave | Petal
6. The Wisdom of Harry | Uncrowned    
7. Mission of Burma | Learn How (live)
8. Johnny Dowd | Papa, Oh Papa (live)  
9. The Innocence Mission | I Haven't Seen This Day Before (live)  
10. Iron & Wine | Smokestack Lightning (live)  
11. Laura Veirs | Tiger Tattoos (live)  
12. Andrew Bird | Why? (live)  
13. Papa M | Unquiet Grave (live)  
14. Daryll-Ann | Settle Down      
15. Blonde Redhead | Melody (demo)
16. The Flucts | 2 Gtr Practice
17. Sufjan Stevens | Borderline  
18. Dawn Landes | Dig Me A Hole (demo)
19. (The Real) Tuesday Weld | Stand By Your Man