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Quasi | The Sword Of God (Domino)
I'm more interested in the number 23 on the cover star's t-shirt than I am about the fact that Quasi's Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss were once a couple and were once Elliott Smiths backing band (okay, well I'm a little bit interested by that) but 23 - was it random? After all, there are many coincidences including the number 23. Hell ­ if you don¹t believe me ­ visit the website: Apparently the origins of weirdness surrounding the number start with 23 pairs of chromosomes in human DNA. I guess that would make 23 the meaning of life. I wonder if Sam & Janet knew about this when they titled their new album? 'The Sword Of God' is Quasi. Exactly as you love them. A little bit rock 'n' roll, a little bit kooky songsmithery ­ with most entertaining song titles and lyrics. The singalongable numbers include the string-laden Fuck Hollywood. Although it starts off like a Walt Disney Classic, it recovers in time to deliver comforting thoughts of how to cope when you finally make the big time, before it's chaotic ending ­ a Quasi signature. A suitable following with It's Raining ­ this is the perfect antidote to Travis with the line: "it doesn't only rain on you / but you're acting all upset / like you're the only one who's wet" ­ fantastic. The infectious Little Lord Fontleroy is as sarcastic as you expect it ought to be. The opening line practically starts with a sigh "And how is His Highness tonight?" I still have no idea why or how the number 23 fits in. But I'd be willing to bet that there is more to the story.

Tracey Lee Jackson
October 2001