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Wisky Biscuit | Santa Ana River Delta Blues (Shipwreckords)
Having already handicapped themselves by adopting a misspelled nonsensical name, Wisky Biscuit have probably further reduced their chances of success by packaging their debut album in one of the worst sleeves I've seen in some time. Naming the album Santa Ana River Delta Blues may well be a further shot in the foot, although it's reasonably safe to assume that the blues purists, possibly initially intrigued by the title, should certainly be thrown off course by the song titles which include, Spacegirl 12, Fallen On Your Face and Brainstains. Once you get past these hurdles though, the contents are surprisingly good and range from 60s garage style freakouts, lo-fi acoustic strums, fuzzed up power pop and country rock. Wisky Biscuit's lack of focus and irreverent diversity may not suit all palettes but the wide range of styles they cover, they do so with conviction and aplomb. Failure to pursue a specific direction or playing it safe are not things to be discouraged and Wisky Biscuit's debut certainly has enough flavour to recommended it.

Geraint Jones
June-July 2001