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Heavy Trash | Heavy Trash (Yep Roc)
Jon Spencer is a consummate entertainer. If these were the days of the Rat Pack, he'd definitely have a Dean Martin sensibility oozing from his every pore. Just imagine Jon sitting back, drinking a classy yet dirty cocktail, playing a classic blues riffâ??and doing it all in the comfort of an abandoned two car garage.
Thankfully, if Heavy Trash just consisted of Jon Spencer's charisma and charm, it'd be like listening to any Blues Explosion album. Matt Verta-Ray, whose affection for speed twang and Johnny Cash, joins Jon in creating some of the most fun and ball-breaking rockabilly the world has heard in twenty years. The self-titled album is a quick trip through every version of the long-ignored-but-never-forgotten genre. There are ditties, dirges, romps, and ho-downsâ??all with twisted and long-lasting side effects. Under the Waves creates an eerie atmosphere, borrowing heavily from Jerry Lee Lewis themes played through the mind of Vincent Price. The classic rock and roll of Long Street harkens to the late '60s art house music circuit, if Ma and Pa Kettle were along for the hootenanny.
As catchy as the album can get, the album does little to truly distance itself from the Blues Explosion, Boss Hog or Verta-Ray's Speedball Baby. Instead of taking the ball and running with it, the duo is happy to just sit around, drink a few beers and reminisce about their favourite 45s. The album is fun, more fun than most musicians have in a lifetime, and it's definitely worth the price of admission. However, just like all good roller coasters, too many rides in a short time will make you sick. The price for a good time is heavy, but it's worth the aftertaste of yesterday's lunch.

Justin Spicer
October 2005