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Stereo Total | Do The Bambi (Disco B Records)
Stereo Total's Euro-trash disco is enrapturing. It's filled with a saccharine naffness that at first is hugely repellent - crappy drumbeats and slimy bass-lines invoke porno soundtracks from the '70s, as their boy/girl German/French vocals linger on top. Once accepted though, the music is such fun that a whole new meaning is given to the term 'funk'. Jagged guitar lines splinter everywhere, bass-end synths growl and squelch as the vocals wah like babies needing feeding. Songs like Babystrich would set any dance floor alight, Cinemania cites their cinematic influences, fully capturing the campness of their idols cult appeal with its chunky pastel production, whilst Hunger has a monotone delivery reminiscent of a German A level class.
Stereo Total have had a few years out of the limelight, their last album was critically acclaimed and all but set the stage for them to conquer the foppish indie world. Their return comes with material that is equally as strong and can do nothing but seize attention. Their playful approach to music is unique and the quality of the songmanship should not be overlooked. As the indie scene has rekindled its love affair with the guitar, 'Do The Bambi' is a welcome return for a sorely missed band; maybe it can help swing the scales.

Jonathan Falcone
February-April 2005