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Outrageous Cherry | Our Love Will Change The World (Rainbow Quartz)
For some years, OC have strangely been regarded as a kind of garage rock Moody Blues (yes, really!), due in part to their concept albums 'Supernatural Equinox' and 'The Book Of Spectral Projections'. With 'Our Love Will Change The World', the Detroit-based four-piece have opted for shorter, more dynamic songs, most of which come in at around three and a half minutes, with the exception of the nattily-titled You're A Reflection Of Infinite Chaos, a slow-paced ballad of neo-prog proportions. Whereas the earlier albums have been more complex in concept, arrangement and delivery, 'Our Love Will Change The World' sees Outrageous Cherry take on the mantle of a British mid-sixties beat group, utilising neat guitar breaks, plangent piano and luxurious harmonies. This simple approach to music-making - verse, verse, chorus, solo etc - might be rudimentary, but it has given the band a certain grandeur. 'Our Love Will Change The World' is like taking a trip back in time to the days when rock's potential was still untapped. This album won't change the world, but it might change OC's fortunes for the better.

John Stacey
February-April 2005