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The Redlands Palomino Co. | By The Time You Hear This...We'll Be Gone (Laughing Outlaw)
Just where do Laughing Outlaw find these groups? You've only got to listen to the opening thirty seconds of this superb album to realise that something wonderful is going on. On opening track, Music's On, singer Hannah Elton-Wall's clear, melancholy-ridden voice takes you on a journey that will break your heart. But there's more than just a lovely voice to Redlands Palomino (space dictates that I can't keep forever repeating their name); successive tracks are, in turn, rocky; countryish, classic C&W, ballad-driven stompers. In short, they've got all the bases covered - and with some maturity, too. It's no wonder, for over the past few years Redlands Palomino have built up a strong following - myself included. They've learned their chops the best way - opening for more established acts and garnering a deserved reputation as a hard-working band that produces excellent live performances. Within a month of this release they'll have opened for The Sadies, the mighty Richmond Fontaine and Neal Casal. They've also appeared with Blue Rodeo, Tift Merritt, The Arlenes and fellow label-mate Jason Walker. So they're no slouches, then. Other reviewers have cited Redland Palomino's harmonies, astute lyrics and down-to-earth rock-and-roll feel. To that I would add supreme musicianship and knowingness that belies their status as a band still awaiting the spotlight to fall on them alone. The album might be titled 'By The Time You Hear This...We'll Be Gone', but my sincere wish is that they stay a long time. If this is just for starters, I'm sure we're in for some treats along the way. No messing about - buy this album.

John Stacey
November-December 2004