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Terry Eason | Bees Will Bumble (GoJohnnyGo)
This is nothing like I expected. What I did expect was pretty much your standard guitar boogie; pleasant, professional but nothing out of the ordinary. What I did hear was the kind of album that is an unfolding delight. Eason, described by admirers as a 'one man Elephant Six Collective of Minneapolis', has produced an album that is diverse, amusing, challenging and very likeable. Within each of the ten tracks - none of which is longer than Entangled's 4.56 - Eason packs the usual verse, chorus, middle eight etc., but adds curious sonic twists that pop up like little musical firecrackers. OK, so he can sound a little like Neil Young - and what's wrong with that? he asks - but he has an inventiveness that the Old Man of Canada can only dream of. 'Bees Will Bumble' (a great title by the way, deserving of an award in itself) follows up Eason's previous effort, 'Elephant Garden', which was released only this year. The more I hear this album - with its homage to Fripp, traces of XTC and pure wackiness - the more I like it. Eason has produced a little gem that will grace anyone's collection. Anyone who likes off-the-wall music that brings a smile to their face should do themselves a favour and check this out. I'm gonna rush out and buy Elephant Garden. So he's got some money coming in, then. I hope.

John Stacey
November-December 2004