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TimTim | Let's Pretend We're Going (Pitch Control)
Like that bus you never knew you needed to catch, there's just so many of these albums doing the rounds right now. Fortunately, TimTim's debut is yet another in this procession well worthy of flagging down. Soft, serene and more than a little morose, 'Let's Pretend...' mixes glistening beats with calm acoustics and a surprisingly heavy proportion of deadpan vocals, reminiscent historically in parts of Kraftwerk and more recently of people like Tarwater. It's sparky, melodic and often creates a feeling of motion, similar to that of Colder's 'Again' album (effortlessly one of 2003's highlights). There's also something nicely inexplicable bubbling just beneath the surface to keep a sharp ear out for. So while TimTim's Berlin roots shine transparently through - with a sound just so vogue in that part of the world - his individual talents leap out for themselves. Sign up for this one-way ticket before you miss an especially scenic ride.

Ian Fletcher
March-April 2004