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Squarepusher | Ultravisitor (Warp)
One of the leading lights in electronica, this is Tom Jenkinson's ninth full-length in as many years, and, as with Aphex, it's considered sacrilege to dare to criticise his work, such is the adoration he commands. However, as with the work of Richard D James, Squarepusher is far from flawless or untouchable; while he's undoubtedly released some outstanding, boundary-pushing material over this period, he's yet to produce a consistently engaging album. Devotees would claim 'Feed Me Weird Things' negates this point, but to my ears he's still to pull it off. On Ultravisitor, Jenkinson seems to be trying to do too much - equal parts deconstructed drum/drill'n'bass and jazz noodle; and equal parts innovative and barely listenable self-indulgence. I just wish he'd decide on one or the other, as I find it hard to believe that anyone could enjoy such an inconsistent mix, and it'd be more clear-cut as to whether I needed to bother or not.

Andy Slocombe
March-April 2004