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Grandview | Room 15 (Half A Cow)
Here's an overlooked gem from late last year, featuring the combined talents of Tim Oxley and Trent McNamara who met when their bands (The Dearhunters and Four Horse Town respectively) played shows together in 1999. The idea for a two-voice, two-guitar record grew from a mutual love of simple songs and harmonies, the pair finally forming Grandview in 2001. A self-titled, self-released eight song version of 'Room 15' surfaced later that year, recorded during the pair's stay at Melbourne's Grandview Hotel. For this expanded version a further five songs were recorded (one dropped from the original version) back home in Sydney.

The resulting record is high on charm and blissful harmonies, and predictably low on variety. Oxley possesses one of the prettiest male voices you'll hear, and his melodic gift is no less impressive, McNamara's a less luxurious but no less effective contribution. Cherry-picking highpoints from a consistently engaging selection is an ultimately futile exercise, 'Room 15' being a thoroughly undemanding Sunday afternoon sojourn, borne of an unadulterated desire to sing and play timeless songs.

Matt Dornan
June-July 2003