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Porcelain | | I've Got A Really Important Thing To Do Right Now But I Can't Do It Cause I'm Asleep (Drunk Dog)
Bearing the most awkward title in recent memory, this is the debut album by a young French quartet who formed in 1999. Betraying that most forgettable of titles, 'I've Got...' is an album that slowly buries itself deep into the subconscious. And just refuses to loosen its grip. Drenched in brooding guitars and keyboards based firmly in the key of moody, Porcelain project an eerie ambience that occasionally spills over into a barrage of noise, with an occasional thirst for the overly-epic. Banish all thoughts of Muse immediately however, there's far finer delights to be found here.

Porcelain have - in parts - inherited Joy Division's cold remoteness, the unearthly edges of Sigur Ros, Radiohead's alternative experimentation and those explosive elements of Mogwai. It's the words that truly intrigue however, or rather the lack of them, always grabbing the attention at the choice moments they choose to drop by. Distant whispers slipped into a constantly rotating background, they seem to be running scared of something or someone, though it's never exactly clear of what or whom. It's a spell that lets you in close, before pushing you a distance away. But that won't stop you coming back for more. Forget that title, remember this music.

Ian Fletcher
March-April 2003