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Jett Brando | Jagged Junktion (Go-Kart)
Jett Brando (aka Jeremy Winter) has been making music for some years both as a solo artist and with his previous band All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavours, which must surely be a contender for the worst band name ever. This EP may well be the first you will have heard of him though, and it's a decent enough place to start if the rest of his output is as good as this. The Beck fronting Sonic Youth tones of 'Heavy Rotation' don't quite work, but the rest of this six-tracker will appeal effortlessly to fans of Elliott Smith or the more recent solo efforts of Stephen Malkmus. 'Jagged Junktion' is the sort of record that's just about perfect for brightening up rainy Sunday afternoons, but its longevity is somewhat debateable. Respect where it's due though for Brando's recent contribution to records by Beautiful Skin and hip hop troupe Dalek, who in turn earn writing and production credits on three songs here.

Mike Diver
March-April 2003