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Fuzzbubble | s/t (Future Primitive)
Coming at you from the louder end of the power pop spectrum, Los Angeles Fuzzbubble have launched their debut squarely at an audience of pop fans not intimidated by either volume or the mention of Marshall stacks. Both Cheap Trick and Redd Kross have successfully bridged the pop and rock divide, unifying pop purists and metalheads alike with their winning blend of pop and amplification. Fuzzbubble is an accomplished if less than subtle debut. If they can get the pop/rock balance right as on Don't Let It Get You Down or album standout Superstar, which both have great hooks and energy then the next album should be a real cracker. Poignantly featuring the late Redd Kross guitarist Eddie Kurdziel on the opening track Bliss, Fuzzbubble are already displaying signs that they have the talents to amplify Beatles influenced pop into the 21st Century. Their sense of humour and history demonstrated by the fake vinyl static at the start, middle and end of the album, along with support from guests like Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles) and Roger Manning (Jellyfish) are further indications of a developing talent with long term potential. Long may their amps go up to 11.

Geraint Jones
June-July 2001