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The Low Frequency In Stereo | s/t (Rec 90)
While not exactly redefining the boundaries of post rock, the Denmark-based Low Frequency In Stereo's take on modern-day improv-bands from Slint to Mogwai is both competent and often highly invigorating, favouring feel and trippy melodies over technical proficiency. Tracks like All In All and Atreides may stick uncomfortably close to convention, offering little in the way of either excitement or intrigue, although they're both rather comfortable and endearing and all that. The Low Frequency, however, are at their most memorable and convincing on the subtler tracks. Die Electro Voice, Large Truck F.H.L. and Electone are all strong compositions, referencing everyone from Codeine to Wire without ever resorting to mere plagiarism. The Low Frequency have yet to establish a strong enough identity for themselves to solidly mark them out from just about everyone else doing this same thing. But by the sound of this, they are certainly on to something, and their next one could prove to be a real winner.

Stein Haukland
November 2002