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Girls Against Boys | You Can't Fight What You Can't See (Jade Tree)
As with many bands before them, Girls Against Boys began to experience the downside of corporate rock almost as soon as their major label debut 'Freakonica' hit the streets in 1998 courtesy of Geffen. The label was subsequently swallowed by Universal and, with no marketing, the album bombed and the band was duly dropped. Four years later, after demoing and trying to find a new home for their next record, they have ended up on the 'emo-friendly' Jade Tree, and are much the better for it. They are obviously on an economy drive on their new album, but while 'Freakonica' was a heavy and utterly commercial rock-fest with 'more-corporate-money-down-the-drain' written all over it, 'You Can't Fight...' is a surprising return to form. The aggression and energy in their special take on punk-funk is back, while the heavy metal posturing of the major label days is thankfully absent, hopefully for good. Both Basstation and Kicking The Lights brings punk-funk pioneers Gang of Four to mind, while Miami Skyline could be a New York Dolls update and a glam-rock hit should such a thing come back into fashion. This is sleazy, sexy and fun!

Torbjørn Wickman
August 2002